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Our Business Breakfast Meetings Are Back

Our first SBNG business breakfast meeting for 2018 was held in Umina and was a great start to the year. The meeting was very well attended and it was great to welcome so many new members as well as a number of guests.

Umina breakfast meeting February 2 2018

The patron for our Peninsula chapter was unable to attend the meeting and Simon Darwin very kindly stood in for him. Simon was our president until recently but he unfortunately had to resign from that position due to high demands on his time managing his own business. Elizabeth Todd, our secretary, asked everyone present to acknowledge their appreciation for the time and effort spent by Simon during his tenure as president and the invaluable contribution that he has made to the ongoing growth of the SBNG. Simon will stay on as a member and we hope to see him regularly at our future meetings.

As we all know, managing a small business can be very isolating and that’s where face-to-face networking can offer a great opportunity to meet like minded people and keep up to date with what’s happening in our local community.  The format of the Umina meeting was a speed networking session which was a great way for our new members to get to know their peers a little better and for our other members to make them feel welcome. One of our New members, Shea Bingham of Authentic Presentations, introduced herself and her business as follows:

I’m Shea Bingham from Authentic Presentations and I have been a speech and drama coach for 30 years, training elite teams and individuals in presentation, public speaking and professional communication skills. My teaching experience enables me to provide individually designed and facilitated seminars to support your needs.

I offer a range of services that include:

  • Keynote speech training Be a Superstar!
  • Polished and professional presentations They will remember you!
  • Engagement Build excellent rapport!
  • The art of genuine persuasion Could be handy!
  • Non-verbal communication – Know what others are not saying!
  • Dealing with difficult people Deflate any conflict!
  • Active listening skills – Engage empathy!
  • Interview, awards and panel preparationBe ready for anything!
  • Productive phone conversations – Use tone to your advantage!

Whatever your field, my coaching will give you the edge; ensuring you are memorable, dynamic and authentic.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, Shea has a lot to offer. If you’d like to get in touch with her you can contact her via her website at  www.authenticpresentations.com.au

We’re looking forward to a great year with many different topics and presentations at our business breakfast and after work networking meetings. Details will be announced from time to time on our events calendar.

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