There are continual regulatory and commercial changes in issues that affect us and how we run our business. Keeping up to date with these changes in addition to the demand of managing the standard operating and regulatory reporting requirements of managing a business can be quite a challenge. That’s why our SBNG sponsors will from time to time share with you their specialist insight of any new issues that may affect your business as well as provide you with advice on time sensitive standard topics such as end of the financial year.

The topics discussed here by our sponsors can by nature consist of an overview only. For detailed information and follow up please use the links provided in each article to contact our sponsors.


Nexus Business Hub

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NEXUS Hub Smart City Forum Announcement

We’ll hear how regions and cities around the world are morphing into hot spots for health, wealth and wellbeing. The Smart Cities movement is becoming the most significant realignment for liveable prosperity in recent history.

Key Note Speaker Paul Budde – International Smart Cities Expert – Director of the Global Smart Cities Coalition.

You’ll come away energised by examples from around the country and around the world. or 1300 877 977

NEXUS Smart Hub in Wyong