Invitation to the Australian Wildlife Portraits Exhibition

This exhibition, at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, consists of fine art images and draws attention to their right to call this continent their own. Esther has treated them like classic portraiture, a style which reflects the majesty and presence of Australia’s native fauna. From owls with eyes that haunt, to fragile butterflies; from fierce predators to graceful birds in motion, this is an ode to our native fauna. Come and see the work that took one photographer three decades to capture.

Esther has traveled the Australian continent as a professional photographer for over 35 years. This exhibition represents a selection of those precious moments of connection with a wild animal – ones which were so moving, they reinforced her lifelong commitment to photographing Australia’s wild beauty. Now she shares those moments of discovery and awe with those who may never get the chance of a face-to-face encounter with our elusive native fauna.

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