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Why Rotary is Relevant to Small Business

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It’s great to see the attendance at our Erina breakfast meetings expanding with every month that goes by. Face-to-Face networking is becoming more popular than it has been for a long time which is not really surprising as it’s still the best way to really get to know like-minded small business owners in the region.

Erina breakfast meeting 25 August 2017


The topic for this meeting was “Why Rotary is Relevant to Small Business“. It was presented by David Mylan who is a member of the Rotary Club of Terrigal. As an introduction to his topic David noted that the SBNG and Rotary are planning another joint social get together, similar to the successful “Business Edge” event of last May. The next function will be held on Tuesday 24 October and details will be coming out soon.

Most people have heard of Rotary but have no real idea of the achievements of the organisation. Rotary was started in 1905 by Paul P. Harris, a Chicago attorney, for professional people from various backgrounds with the objective of exchanging ideas and building meaningful business relationships and lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came about from their habit of rotating meetings places among the offices of the individual members. Since its start Rotary has evolved into a worldwide organisation with a very broad reach. Rotarians provide community service to both local and international communities and, through various leadership programs and awards, bring community and business together to celebrate personal leadership and amazing individual contributions.

Membership is open to all business people but each club will usually have only one business type among its members. Membership of one club however gives members access to all clubs worldwide. From a business point of view, Rotary can help with business development through various programs. As a starting point, there is a guest speaker at the fortnightly club meetings and their subjects address a broad range of business topics.

There is a common thread through the benefits of being a Rotarian and small business interests e.g.

Rotarian Small Business Owner
Find new opportunities for community service Find new opportunities to service customer’s needs
Exposure at weekly meetings to pertinent information and subjects about the local community, the nation and the world. Presentations at networking meeting dealing with topics of interest to small business owners
Fostering new business contacts and building relationships. Building and nurturing business contacts and relationships.


In conclusion David noted that Rotary membership can put another string on our bow in the form of business building and personal growth opportunities. Thank you David for a great presentation on “Why Rotary is Relevant to Small Business”. It has provided us all with some serious food for thought. For further information about the Rotary Club of Terrigal go to   https://portal.clubrunner.ca/7931/ or email David Mylan at david.mylan@bigpond.com.

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