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Why You Need a Facebook Strategy

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Our October SBNG after work networking meeting in the NEXUS Hub in Wyong was our first one in their new building. It’s a great new work environment and the facilities cannot be faulted. Of particular interest was the facility to project a slide presentation simultaneously on several screens which came in very handy for the presentation by Elizabeth Todd of Income Trigger Consulting about Facebook for Business and why you need a Facebook Strategy.

After work networking at the NEXUS Hub

The topic was broken up into several segments:

  1. Why you need a strategy
  2. Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  3. Marketing on Facebook
    1. Facebook Pages
    2. Facebook Advertising
    3. Facebook Messenger
    4. Instagram
    5. Audience Network

Needless to say, a comprehensive topic like this can’t be replicated in full but here is an overview of the points raised.

You Need a Strategy to:

  1. Raise Awareness
    1. Find out what your customer is looking for
    2. Create your customer profile
    3. Communicate with your target audience
  2. Drive Demand
  3. Boost Sales

Build Your Ideal Customer Persona

Imagine your ideal customer as a real person with a name and a (stock) photo. The objective is to build up a solid picture of this person that everyone can recognize.

To get a really good feel for this person you need to feel comfortable talking about him/her. A good way to do this is to imagine that you are telling a friend about this person.

  • Is it a man or woman?
  • About what age?
  • How does he/she spend her workday?
  • What does your prospect worry about?
  • What does he/she wish he/she could change?
  • What issues relating to your products/services mean the most to this person
  • Is this person the decision maker?
  • Who might influence this person?
  • What kinds of information does he/she most likely want?
  • Is one kind of media more effective than another?
  • Is he/she likely to take advantage of any particular kinds of offers?

Marketing on Facebook

A good Facebook marketing strategy consist of 5 essential ingredients i.e.

  1. Facebook Pages
    • Establish your business presence
  2. Advertising
    • Reach your target audience
  3. Facebook Messenger
    • Respond to and serve your customers
  4. Instagram
    • Use visuals to inspire action
  5. Audience Network
    • Extend your reach into other mobile apps

Facebook Pages

Your purpose for creating and maintaining a Facebook page should be to establish your brand. You can achieve this by keeping in mind what your ideal customer will be looking for.

  1. Use a cover photo or video that is professional, visually appealing and that is relevant to your brand
  2. Pay attention to detail whit your “About” section. It’s the most visited section of your page.
  3. Get your settings It can make a big difference to the responsiveness of your advertising campaigns
  4. Use the Response Assistance fields in the Messages section to create responses that show you to be active and responsive to all incoming Facebook messages.
  5. Assuming you’ve created your customer persona, you can use the Preferred Page Audience settings to put your page in front of your target audience.

Facebook Advertising

A successful Facebook advertising campaign consists of four components:

1.   Choose Your Audience

·         Set your goal

·         Set your budget

2.   Choose a Platform

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Audience Network

·         Messenger

3.   Choose a Format

·         Video

·         Canvas

·         Carousel

·         Slide Show

·         Single Image

4.   Maintain and Measure

·         Manage your ads

·         Check your results

·         Calculate your ROI


In Conclusion

To create and run a successful Facebook advertising campaign that will deliver the desired results you must remember to:

Before creating your Facebook campaigns, take the time to:

  • Identify your Ideal Customer
  • Review and complete all essential Facebook Page information
  • Define your campaign strategy
  • Work out where in your sales funnel you can use Facebook ads to grow your business.

Monitor your Facebook ADS engagement and ROI using:

  • Facebook Insight
  • Google Analytics


As mentioned at the start of this post, the full presentation “Why You Need a Facebook Strategy” was too comprehensive to replicate here but the points noted should give you a good feel for the subject matter. For further detailed information you can get in touch with Elizabeth Todd via her website’s contact page at http://incometriggerconsulting.com/contact-us/ or by email at support@incometriggerconsulting.com. Thank you Elizabeth for a very in formative presentation. Going by the feedback after the meeting, everyone found something useful to take away.

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